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Deerma DX1000

The Deerma DX1000 handheld vacuum cleaner stick is a powerful two-gear vacuum. So, you can be sure to vacuum the whole house quickly and dust efficiently. It uses 16000Pa suction power with a 600W rotary motor. There is a three-fold filtration system. Its 130 degrees arc design handle lets you clean all the spots and corners. Hence, it performs well comparing with other handheld vacuums in the same price category. You can also push or pull its handle at different angles for hard-to-reach corners. The linear air duct allows DX1000 handheld vacuum to provide non-stop vacuuming with 16000Pa suction power.

Deerma DX1000 Handheld Vacuum Stick with 16000Pa Suction Power

Not many handheld vacuum cleaners host a strong 16000Pa suction power. You will have more free time using this handheld vacuum because it cleans and dusts fast. The handle of Deerma DX1000 rotates, and you can pull, push, and lift to various angles. Thus, you can vacuum without any difficulty. It comes with three types of brush heads for adjusting according to vacuuming needs. Also, it has a HEPA filter with a DC Air Duct system that can perform vacuuming and dust better. It is available in the rose blue color or rose gold.

Three-Fold Filtration System with linear Air Outlet and Washable Filter

The DX1000 vacuum cleaner stick uses stainless steel filter with HEPA and a cotton filter. This three-fold filtration system ensures better dusting performance. Additionally, the filters of the Deerma DX1000 handheld vacuum cleaner stick are washable. The 240mm wide suction port allows it to suck in more debris with ease. It has a 0.6l capacity dust box that is washable and recyclable. Also, the high-speed 38000rpm motor swiftly vacuums without any stuck-ups. There is an obstruction-free duct air outlet for non-stop operation. Hence, you can buy the DX1000 handheld vacuum