XIAOMI Deerma QJ100 Three-Piece Household Set Cleaning Kit

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Broom/Sponge Mop/Glass Squeegee

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Three _ sweep and drag suit, sweep and drag and wipe, household cleaning multitasker, 3 big cleaning head equipped, clean the whole house dirty.3 big cleaning heads, buckle disassembly, flexible switch clean the whole house. Three layers of encrypted bristles, soft and do not hurt the floor, a sweep without omission. Dustpan with comb teeth, hair shaved, no hand drag simple hygiene. The hands-free mop is soft when soaked in water and does not dirty hands after a pull and squeeze. Dual purpose wiper, wipe the front and dry the back, clean and leave no imprint. Small and easy to receive, magnetic absorption stable storage, folding standing space.